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New Report – Representativeness of Marine Protected Areas of the United States

Click on the ecoregion names below the map to download the appendix for each ecoregion.

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Download U.S. MPA Data from the MPA Inventory (excel spreadsheet format (.xls)) Data are current as of October 2014.

Interactive MPA Mapping Tool - Under Construction

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Download U.S. MPA GIS Spatial Data (shapefile [zip, 136MB] and ESRI geodatabase [zip, 63MB] with FGDC compliant metadata describing the data fields and classification attributes.) Data are current as of October 2014.

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View maps and analytical products that have been derived from the MPA Inventory data. Additional background documents and related resources for the MPA Inventory include:

About the Inventory

The Marine Protected Areas Inventory (MPA Inventory) is a comprehensive geospatial database designed to catalog and classify marine protected areas within U.S. waters. The Inventory contains information on over 1,700 sites and is the only such comprehensive dataset in the nation.

The MPA Inventory was developed with extensive input from state and federal MPA programs and drawn from other publically available data. The MPA Center is continually updating and verifying the Inventory data, so please contact us with any new site information, existing site clarifications or updated spatial boundary data.

MPA Inventory Applications

What can the MPA Inventory tell me?

The database has various applications for marine management and conservation, but its primary purpose is to maintain baseline information on MPAs to the assist in the development of the National System of MPAs, as defined in Executive Order 13158. This information should not be used for regulatory purposes; please consult the Federal Register for the official record.

If you would like to propose the addition of an MPA to the MPA Inventory, please complete the form below and return to the MPA Inventory team.

Next Steps

The MPA Center is expanding the MPA Inventory to include site specific information on ecological and cultural resources as well as MPA management. These data are represented in 'Resource Groups' based loosely on the Coastal and Marine Ecological Classification System (CMECS) to ensure comparability between diverse sites from a wide geography.