Managing Marine Protected Areas

Managing MPAs is a challenging job for the many federal, state, tribal and international programs that are responsible for these amazing places. The MPA Center helps MPA programs to address key management challenges through information, tools and training.

Marine Protected Areas Programs

A variety of government programs, agencies, and legislation manage, monitor or establish marine protected areas in U.S. waters. 

Changing Climate

Climate change is having a profound impact on ocean ecosystems and marine protected areas.

Cultural Heritage

Marine protected areas often include areas of historic and cultural significance, such as shipwrecks, airplane wrecks, archeological sites and areas of importance to tribal and indigenous peoples.

Ocean Uses

Human uses of the ocean are growing, requiring new and forward-looking approaches to comprehensive ocean planning. See place-based ocean planning tools to help coastal communities better understand the drivers, patterns, conflicts and benefits of ocean uses along their shores.

Federal Advisory Committee

Archive page for the Marine Protected Areas (MPA) Federal Advisory Committee (2003-2019).