This page provides a listing of all the MPA resources made available by the National MPA Center.

MPA Center Publications

The MPA Center has several publications and resources available to individuals interested in learning more about MPAs and the National System of MPAs. These include fact sheets, newsletters and reports, among others. To view these resources, click here.

MPA Training

The MPA Center focuses its training efforts on working with National MPA System partners to provide training to expand the capacity of national system programs to effectively manage their MPAs. Updating training opportunities and training resources are listed here.


The National Marine Protected Areas Center offers links to curriculum and education materials to increase understanding and awareness of MPAs among government agencies, coastal and marine educators, and their audiences. To access these materials, click here.

MPA Library Resources

The MPA Virtual Library is a searchable database containing more than 2,000 records including electronic, print, and Internet resources, including publications (print and online), websites, and multimedia resources. You can view the library's resources by browsing MPA Library theme bins, or through a search engine.


Earlier (2002-2005) editions of the MPA Center's fact sheets, newsletters and publications.