The MPA Center has been featured in one video and two audio podcasts produced by the National Ocean Service. These podcasts can be accessed below, or by visiting the National Ocean Service's podcast page.

Making Waves Podcast

Marine Protected Areas (July 2011)

In this video episode, we take a look at the National Marine Protected Areas Center and preview one of four new videos available on the website. (5:34 minutes)

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Diving Deeper Podcast

What are Marine Protected Areas? (July 2009)

Learn about marine protected areas in this interview with Joe Uravitch, Director of the National MPA Center. The discussion covers what marine protected areas are, where they are located, and why they are important. (12 minutes)



Making Waves Podcast

Framework Sets State to Protect Marine Natural, Cultural Resources (2008)

One of the goals of the National System of MPAs: conserving and managing sustainable production resources. The video features interviews with conservationists and fishermen, and describes how MPAs can help conserve and protect our nation's renewable living resources and their habitats.



Earth is Blue logo

Earth Is Blue

When astronauts first launched toward the moon and looked back at our planet for the first time, they made an unexpected discovery: Earth Is Blue. NOAA's Office of National Marine Sanctuaries will be sharing a photo each day and a video each week highlighting the wonder and beauty of these special places and the work we do to protect them.

Join us as we explore America's national marine sanctuaries and share your own images of our national marine sanctuaries using the hashtag #EarthIsBlue.

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