MPA Training

photo of a mural and 2 people
Indonesia study tour to San Simeon Coastal Discovery Center with Lisa Uibell & Johannes Subianto - Nelson. Credit: NOAA

The MPA Center works with other MPA Programs, funders and NGO partners to provide training and capacity building in the United States and internationally.

In the United States, the MPA Center presents a MPA monthly webinar series with EBM Tools Network and OpenChannels, and has collaborated on trainings on climate change adaptation and participatory GIS.

Internationally, the MPA Center’s International MPA Capacity Building Team (IMPACT) was created to help establish connections among protected area practitioners around the world, and to share best practices, experiences, and expertise. The program works in six regions and many countries around the world. Tailored to share best practices in the management of MPAs and MPA networks and the specific needs of each country or region over a multi-year period, this program directly impacts and improves daily resource management efforts, addressing a wide range of management issues from management plan development to sustainable tourism to marine spatial planning.

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