38th Voyage of Whaleship Charles W. Morgan

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The whaleship charles w. morgan
The restored whaleship Charles W. Morgan set sail in 2014 to celebrate New England's whaling heritage and promote whale and ocean conservation. (NOAA ONMS)

In Summer 2014, the National Marine Sanctuary System partnered with the Mystic Aquarium and others to celebrate the 38th voyage of the whaleship Charles W. Morgan. Explaining the transition "from 'whale ho!' to whale watching," the partners engaged hundreds of thousands of people across New England in understanding the history of whaling in the region and the importance of protecting whales in the present, including the role of MPAs like Stellwagen Bank National Marine Sanctuary. People were able to visit the Morgan at its ports of call along the New England coast, follow the journey remotely through an OceansLive webcast, and celebrate the return of whales through a specially themed Red Sox "whale of a game" at Fenway Park.