A Resource by the Marine Protected Areas Federal Advisory Committee (These statements do not necessarily reflect the positions of NOAA or the U.S. Government)

A Cultural Landscape Approach

Native American Traditional Cultural Landscapes Action Plan (Advisory Council on Historic Preservation (ACHP), 2011)

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The Maritime Cultural Landscape. (Westerdahl, Christer, 1992) International Journal of Nautical Archaeology 21.1: 5-14.

Legal Framework

Federal Submerged Cultural Resource Laws

Submerged Cultural Resource Laws by State


Monitoring Guidelines (New York Archaeological Council)

Developing Archaeological Site Stewardship Programs (National Park Service)

Descent into Darkness – Exploring Gulf of Mexico Shipwrecks

National Register of Historic Places

National Register of Historic Places

Nominating Historic Vessels and Shipwrecks to the National Register (National Park Service)

How to Complete the Nation Register Registration Form (National Park Service, 1997)

Climate Change

MPA Center Climate webpage

Climate Change and Stewardship of Cultural Resources Policy (National Park Service Memorandum, Feb. 2014)

Climate Change Response Program Cultural Resource Brief (National Park Service, March 2013)

Cultural Resources Climate Change Strategies. National Park Service, 2016

Cultural Resources Impacts Table. National Park Service, 2016

Tribal/Indigenous Resources

Guidelines for Native American Monitors/Consultants (Native American Heritage Commission)

A Guidance Document for Characterizing Tribal Cultural Landscapes (BOEM, 2015).

A Guidance Document for Characterizing Native Hawaiian Cultural Landscapes (BOEM, 2017).

Consultation with Indian Tribes in the Section 106 Review Process: a Handbook. (Advisory Council on Historic Preservation, ACHP, 2008).

Handbook for Integrating NEPA and Section 106 (BOEM, 2017)

NOAA Procedures for Government to Government Consultation with Federally Recognized Tribes

Consultation with Native Hawaiian Organizations (Department of the Interior, 2013)

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A `Ikena I Kai (Seaward Viewsheds): Inventory of Terrestrial Properties for Assessment of Marine Viewsheds on the Main Eight Hawaiian Islands (BOEM, 2017)

A Guidance Document for Characterizing Native Hawaiian Cultural Landscapes(BOEM, 2017)

Underwater Archeology

Nautical Archaeology Society

American Academy of Underwater Sciences

Advisory Council on Underwater Archaeology

Maritime Archaeological and Historical Society

NOAA Maritime Heritage Program

National Park Service Submerged Resources Center

Florida Public Archaeology Network

Intellectual Property

Indigenous Peoples and Intellectual Property (Graham and McJohn, Washington University Journal of Law and Policy, January 2005).

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