Research, Monitoring and Evalutation Additional Resources

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Texas Historic Sites Atlas
Texas Archeological sites Atlas (Restricted)
Texas Antiquities Landmarks
Texas General Land Office RMC
Borgens, Medallion Article
Borgens, OTC Article, Protection and Management in Texas Waters

Additional resources

Monitoring Guidelines (New York Archaeological Council)

Developing Archaeological Site Stewardship Programs (National Park Service)

Descent into Darkness – Exploring Gulf of Mexico Shipwrecks

National Register of Historic Places
Federal Submerged Cultural Resource Laws
State Submerged Cultural Resource Laws
New York Archaeological Council Monitoring Guidelines
California Native American Heritage Commission Monitoring Guidelines
National Park Service Archeological Site Stewardship and Monitoring
NPS Bulletin 20: Nominating Historic Vessels and Shipwrecks
How to Complete the Nation Register Registration Form
Texas Antiquities Landmark Nomination Form
Depart of Defense Legacy Manage Program Site Monitoring Guidelines
USACE Best Practices for Archeological Site Monitoring